8 Easy Tips to Increase Productivity for Bloggers

1. Start Each Day with a To-Do List     Having a list of tasks that need to get done will keep you from wasting time figuring out what to do next. Create the list based on your own preference – some choose to rate the tasks from most to least important. Others arrange them from easiest to hardest, so by the time they get to the more difficult items they have some momentum going. 2. Take Breaks – and Take them Seriously     Give yourself a few minutes to relax for every hour of work. Move away from the computer and try not to think about what you need to do during the break. Go outside and get some fresh air. When you come back to the work, you’ll be rejuvenated and ready to get more tasks knocked out. 3. Figure Out Your Most Productive Time of Day     Some bloggers work better early in the morning, fresh out of bed. Others may need to wait until the evening, when they have been able to spend time with family and friends to really knock out their to do list. Experiment with … [Read more...]