Protecting Students From RSV #RSVProtection

    Nine years ago, our family was directly affected by RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) when our older son contracted it at six months of age.  Luckily, the doctor in the emergency room immediately diagnosed him and he was put on a treatment plan to get him better.  We were also very fortunate that he got sick as an older baby as it is more dangerous to younger babies or babies born prematurely.     When our son was diagnosed with RSV, it was a very scary time for us.  Although we had heard about how dangerous RSV is to infants, we were not fully aware of its effects.  Our son became very sick from it and had trouble breathing due to all of the congestion and mucus that he had.  It was very frustrating, as a parent, to not be able to immediately make him better.  Thankfully, he eventually did get better but I think that not being fully educated about RSV made it an even scarier experience for all of us.     The RSV season runs from November through March and it is important that … [Read more...]