Get organized And Make Room For Those Valentines! #IDSafetySeason @FellowesInc #Ad

*I participated in this compensated campaign on behalf of Fellowes Inc. I received a promotional item to facilitate this review and as a thank you item for participating.  All opinions are my own.       Ever since we purchased our home in 2004, the volume of junk mail that we receive on a daily basis has gotten to an incredible level.  On any given day, I have to organize a large pile on our coffee table to prepare for disposal.  The problem is that it takes a tremendous amount of time to check every single item of mail to make sure that it is not important.  Sometimes, if I'm not sure if I am going to need something later, I will keep it just in case.     Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I fully expect to be able to display my valentines prominently in our living room for all to see.  The problem is that I have a big stack of mail that I still need to sift through and throw away.  It's on days like this one that I am so glad that I have my Fellowes P-12c Shredder.  It … [Read more...]

I Decide My Cultural Identity!

    This past week, I had a very interesting conversation on Pinterest with a complete stranger that was very confusing to me.  In essence, I was told that I have no right to refer to myself as a Latina because I am of Spanish heritage and Spaniards are Europeans and, therefore, not allowed to use this title.     Huh?  That is exactly what I was asking myself.  Never in my life has another person presumed to tell me how I should label myself culturally.  I really felt offended because I have always identified myself with my Latin roots and I resented the fact that she was trying to separate me from everything that I have ever felt connected to or have identified with.     I have always been raised to be proud of my heritage and to appreciate the ties that all Spanish-speaking people have to one another, regardless of what country they originated from.  Plus, if we want to get into semantics, the definition of a Latino is anyone who speaks a language that is derived from Latin.  This … [Read more...]