M&M’S “I M“ Campaign Celebrates The Uniqueness Of Latinos! @mmsbrown

      As a Latino family, we take pride in participating in any event that celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of Latinos all over the world.  We want to instill a sense of culture and community in our children and we want them to connect to their heritage and roots.     This past Summer, M&M’S launched the “I M“ Campaign which was designed to celebrate and recognize the uniqueness of Latino consumers.  Part of this campaign included introducing new M&M’S Spokescharacters such as Señorita Brown, Red and Yellow.  They have been sharing their unique personalities online and in commercials.     To celebrate how unique and proud our Latino family is, we designed our own individual "I M" T-shirts that showcase the characteristics that make us who we are. As you can see, my "I M" T-shirt defines me as a "maestra" or teacher.       Our older son chose to share his love of basketball with his "I M Deportista" or athlete T-shirt.  Lastly, our little guy's T-shirt … [Read more...]