Are You Prepared For The 2012 Hurricane Season?

      Last year, almost around this time of the year, we New Yorkers had a rude awakening about how truly we are prepared to deal with a natural weather disaster such as a hurricane.  As Hurricane Irene tore a path of destruction along the East Coast, we all scrambled to purchase emergency supplies and to learn as much as we possibly could about what we should do in the event of a total loss.     Luckily, the impact it had on New York City was minimal, however, it definitely taught all of us a lesson in the importance of knowing what to do in case of a weather emergency.  As the 2012 hurricane season begins, we want to provide all of you with the resources that you will need to help you prepare your families before a major storm hits.  This is of particular concern to New Yorkers who are not used to regularly dealing with weather emergencies.     One way you can prepare is by checking out the New York Office of Emergency Management's (OEM)'s guide, READY NEW YORK: HURRICANES … [Read more...]