Brugo Mug by Jolex Review and Giveaway

          This is the perfect time of the year to travel to work with a mug filled with either hot coffee or hot chocolate to warm up a cold body in the morning.  It just so happens that, in our home, my husband is the big coffee drinker and I am the hot chocolate drinker.  I'm not sure if there is an exact science to drinking hot fluids because my husband never seems to burn his tongue or his palate whereas I always seem to burn some part of my mouth.  That is exactly why I was so eager to review the Brugo Mug by Jolex.     I was immediately intrigued by the fact that the Brugo Mug boasts that it is the only travel mug in the world that allows you to drink hot tea or coffee immediately.  Obviously, this was music to my ears considering that I have been scalded repeatedly in the past by way too hot drinks and my eagerness to drink them before making sure that they were cool enough to drink.  Those of you have been burned by hot drinks know exactly what I am talking about.  … [Read more...]