Hormel Foods-Enjoying April Showers! #HormelFamily

    This month has been just like any typical April with some deceiving weather and some nice and sunny days and some not so sunny days.  Despite some of the bad weather, it is important to have some fun and engaging activities to enjoy indoors.     Some people enjoy experimenting with new recipes when it is cold and rainy outside.  I've never been a gourmet chef, by any means, so I always enjoy checking out recipes in cookbooks that look like I could possibly prepare the meals successfully.  I also really enjoy hitting the grocery store and looking out for some new products to try.     Luckily, our local grocery store always keeps all of our favorite foods on hand to help us stock up during a rainy day.  This month, I made a trip to pick up some items in order to cook up something new and tasty for my family.     One of my favorite Hormel foods is Dinty Moore Beef Stew.  It is absolutely delicious and it is so easy to pair with just about any meal.  We like to pour it over white … [Read more...]

Groundhog Month Inspired Meals #HormelFamily

        I'm sure by now, most of you know that the groundhog saw his shadow a few weeks ago which indicates that we can look forward to six more weeks of winter.  You can be like me and get depressed over this bit of news or you can use it as a reason to get together with your family and friends after the holiday season.  Instead of planning ways to cook that little groundhog for delivering such bad news, you might decide to use your imagination.     Since the groundhog has the option of either seeing or not seeing his shadow, you might decide to hold a cooking competition with some of your friends.  Put together two teams and give each team the same variety of ingredients along with one protein such as Hormel® Always Tender® meat along with different vegetables and sides.  Give each group a certain amount of time and see what kind of meal they can each come up with in a pinch.  Afterwards, everyone wins because you will have two delicious meals to enjoy together.     If you … [Read more...]