Keep Warm During The Spring Chill! @Honeywell_Home #Giveaway #Ad

    The saying is definitely true, March has come in like a lion and I hope it goes out like a lamb.  Although March 20th was supposed to be the first day of spring, we had a surprise snow shower last week and have even experienced some extremely chilly mornings.  My boys already want to wear hoodies to school but I keep telling them that the weather is still pretty cold and they have to keep wearing their coats until Mother Nature decides to warm us up.     Our house is very drafty so I have been especially cold in the afternoon when I get home from work.  Aside from the air conditioner unit that we have in the wall which lets in a lot of cold air, our windows are pretty old so they also allow a lot of cold to seep in from outside.  I've been telling my husband for a long time that we needed to get some kind of a portable heater to keep the house warm in between when the boiler goes on and off.       I have fallen in love … [Read more...]