Enjoy Family Soup Recipes! #HormelFamily

    This past week has been a trying one in our household.  It seems like everyone has been sick and it has been a struggle going through the motions of daily life while feeling under the weather.  Add to that the plummeting temperatures outdoors and it has just been a recipe for disaster.         When we are sick and the cold weather has us in a funk, we often prepare soup to warm ourselves up and to help our bodies heal.  My Grandmother used to prepare Homemade Chicken Soup whenever anyone in the family was sick and she would deliver it to us personally in her food storage containers.  She's probably the one who laid the groundwork for our family's love of soup.         My children love Chicken Noodle Soup and will always request it during the winter months.  Although we prefer homemade soups, the reality of our schedules often causes us to turn to canned soups in order to prepare and enjoy them quickly.  Whatever your soup preference is, as long … [Read more...]