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    This past year, there were two separate incidents where I walked outside and noticed that someone had thrown eggs at my car.  To this day, we don't know who did it but we do know that many cars in our neighborhood seemed to be targeted and many suspect it was teenagers up to no good.  You might think this was just a harmless prank but egg yolk can erode car paint and we had to spend money to have my car simonized to remove the streaks left behind.       This experience made us think hard about possibly installing security cameras around the perimeter of our home.  Cost was definitely a factor because we knew that these systems can be very expensive and we just didn't have the means to invest in such a costly security camera.       Fortunately, Best Buy offers a great deal on the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System.  Although you can purchase Arlo cameras at other retailers, their four camera set for $499.99 is … [Read more...]