2011 Holiday Gift Guide-Nanoblocks and Air Picks

          I'm sure all of you are scrambling to find as many of the items on your children's holiday wishlist as possible.  Unfortunately, most of us have had to scale back on the amount of money that we spend during the holidays and are always looking for great deals that won't put too much of a dent in our budget.     As the holiday season lurks right around the corner, there is nothing that kids like more than building blocks.  Presented by the Ohio Art Company, Nanoblock® building sets boast that they are the smallest building blocks on the market currently and their size allows for even greater detail when building whatever your imagination can conjure up.  They employ a patented double feather design that allows pieces to lock firmly together.         Another great product that will save parent from having to pay for guitar lessons for their kids is Air Pick®s.  Air Picks® contain guitar riffs of iconic rock songs that play with a simple flick of the pick-much like … [Read more...]