Why Do I Love Snoopy And The Peanuts Gang So Much? @Snoopy #PeanutsMovie #Giveaway #Partner

      When I was seven years old, my parents left Spain to come to the United States in search of a better life.  They did not have enough money to come here with all of their children so they left my sister and I with our grandparents while they found a place to live and secured jobs.  I can still remember laying awake every evening with my mother's necklace clutched between my fingers wondering when we would once again be reunited.     A year passed and our grandparents finally told us that our parents would be sending for us to travel to the United States.  It was a bitter-sweet moment because, while I was excited to be together with my parents again, I knew that I would be a whole continent away from my grandmother and grandfather.  After a few weeks passed, we boarded a flight to America full of excitement and expectations about what this journey would bring.     Once we arrived, our accommodations weren't as luxurious as we had expected.  My father was working in a … [Read more...]