Recognizing The Hard Work Moms Do Every Day! @hamptoncreek #Partner

    Many people are out and about trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  Others are busily trying to get everything ready for back to school and buying uniforms, school supplies and lunch boxes.  However, there are mothers out there right now worrying because they don't know where the money will come from for their child's next meal much less, how they will buy pencils for school.     Unfortunately, they have to make hard decisions every single day because they are trying to raise a family on limited funds.  Often, this means that they settle for foods that are not as healthy for their children to eat because they are the more affordable option.  It's the only way that they are able to stretch their grocery dollars even though they are aware that these foods are not as good for their kids as their more expensive counterparts.     Hampton Creek is making the right thing the easier thing for moms everywhere.  This … [Read more...]