The Return Of Working Mom Guilt

    This afternoon, I received an email from my 7 year-old's teacher stating that she had sent a memo home last Friday alerting me to the fact that he was talking excessively in class.  She went on to say that he had failed to copy down the homework assignment due to his socializing.  No sooner had I read the message that I began to feel the all too familiar pangs of Working Mom guilt.     You see, I asked him this weekend if he had finished his homework and he assured me that he had.  The responsible mommy thing to do would have been to check his folder and make sure that he had indeed finished all of his work.  Instead, I chose to give in to my exhaustion and take his word for it.  Now I feel terrible.  God knows what the teacher must be thinking of me.  In her mind, I probably don't care about my son's academic progress.  It's even more embarrassing because I am a teacher myself.     The truth is that I check every homework normally and I always take care of everything and I think … [Read more...]

Just Say No To Working Mom’s Guilt!

    This evening, I was having a conversation with my dear friend and fellow blogger Alexandra Elizabeth.  She shared with me how she experiences a daily struggle to find just the right balance between being a professional working mom and spending enough time with her daughter.  It was an all too familiar discussion for me because, as an educator, I also worry constantly whether I am doing a good job juggling my many roles including being a career woman and mother.     Take this past week, for example, there were many events that took place that reminded me just how thin I spread myself on a daily basis.  I believe it was Wednesday when I emailed my son's teacher back and forth to discuss that he hasn't been handing in his assignments to her in a timely manner.  Now, of course I supervise both of my sons' homework completion every evening.     However, since I work full-time, I have to admit that there are some evenings when I'm just exhausted and I skim over the assignments just to … [Read more...]