Playing Possum

        As many of you know, the East Coast has been pummeled by arctic weather conditions this Winter.  The cold weather has affected many things such as people's moods, driving conditions, power outages, frozen pipes, etc.  It seems that, everywhere you turn, somebody is complaining about the weather.  We are all so wrapped up in feeling sorry for ourselves because we hate having to commute to work in this cold and we have cabin fever since it is prudent to stay indoors on the weekend due to the snow.  It wasn't until today that I started to realize the effect that this chill is having on some our favorite friends, pets and animals.     It is actually quite fitting that this post be written on Groundhog Day since this is a day that depends on an animal to determine whether Winter will be six weeks longer than usual or whether Spring will be upon us early.  News reports today indicated that "Phil" the Groundhog did not see his shadow so we can expect Winter to end quickly … [Read more...]