Groundhog Month Inspired Meals #HormelFamily

        I'm sure by now, most of you know that the groundhog saw his shadow a few weeks ago which indicates that we can look forward to six more weeks of winter.  You can be like me and get depressed over this bit of news or you can use it as a reason to get together with your family and friends after the holiday season.  Instead of planning ways to cook that little groundhog for delivering such bad news, you might decide to use your imagination.     Since the groundhog has the option of either seeing or not seeing his shadow, you might decide to hold a cooking competition with some of your friends.  Put together two teams and give each team the same variety of ingredients along with one protein such as Hormel® Always Tender® meat along with different vegetables and sides.  Give each group a certain amount of time and see what kind of meal they can each come up with in a pinch.  Afterwards, everyone wins because you will have two delicious meals to enjoy together.     If you … [Read more...]