Müller Yogurt Review and Giveaway (10 Winners)

    Recently I have been making some significant dietary changes in order to improve my overall health.  As a result, I have cut out sweets almost entirely from my diet altogether.  That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy delicious treats that are good for me at the same time.  One of the treats that I like to enjoy regularly is yogurt.     I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review a few varieties of Müller Yogurt.  They currently offer three varieties of yogurt.  Müller Corner is made up of smooth, creamy yogurt with delicious fruit or crunchy add-ins that you can dip, flip, or stir in.  Müller Greek Corner contains mild, Greek-style yogurt with a side compartment of delectable fruit or nuts to mix in any way you want.  Müller FrütUp is a new yogurt experience of creamy, lowfat yogurt topped with a vibrant layer of fruit mousse.     I decided that I was going to take these yogurts with me for lunch every single day this week in order to really focus on their taste and texture. … [Read more...]