What Does Your Modern Family Look Like? #StreamTeam @Netflix #Ad

     These days, modern families come in many varieties.  Gone are the days of cookie-cutter, "Nuclear" families and, in their place, are so many wonderful possibilities for what a family unit looks like.  Although my husband and I fit into the traditional mother, father and kids dynamic, we both come from extended families that are very non-traditional and this continues to enrich both of our boys on a daily basis.  It has allowed our kids to respect and appreciate everyone, regardless of whether they are traditional or non-traditional.     My husband actually comes from a blended family so he grew up with stepparents and step siblings which allowed him to be surrounded by a lot of love and many positive role models.  Marrying him opened my eyes to all the wonderful attributes of families that might seem quirky but are truly perfectly imperfect in many ways.  I've learned that the details of how the family is structured matter a lot less than all the love and support that each, … [Read more...]