Celebrate The Dads In Your Life This Father’s Day! @gmtgiftbaskets #fathersday #ad

I've always felt that fathers don't get as much credit as they deserve on Father's Day. For some reason, Mother's Day is always such a huge holiday and when the dads' special day rolls around, it's not always sprinkled with the same fanfare that moms get. In our home, we make sure that we always show our love and appreciation for my husband because he is just the most wonderful father to our two sons and deserves to be pampered and recognized. The problem is that, when it comes to gifts, my husband is really difficult to buy presents for because he is not very materialistic and doesn't really spend a lot of money on himself. I knew that this year it was going to be important to make him feel really special because we have spent a few tough months here in New York City due to the pandemic. Since my husband is an essential worker, he has worked every single day while everyone else has been sheltering in place. As soon as I saw the Family Game Night Gift Crate from Gourmet Gift … [Read more...]

Make Your New Year’s Dinner Party More Delectable With Gourmet Gift Baskets!

      We love to get together for holiday dinners as a family.  I always make sure to put out a spread of snacks that everyone can enjoy while they are hanging out waiting for dinner to be served.  The problem is that it is not always so easy to put together a variety of finger foods that everyone will love and I usually have to be very creative with the items that I choose.     This year I had the opportunity to review the Christmas Gift Basket™ Classic from Gourmet Gift Baskets and I was thrilled that the basket would come already put together with all of the pre-dinner foods that my family loves to eat and that I would not have to go crazy running around to get all the items.  This particular gift basket boasted that it contained "a variety of award-winning gourmet snacks that appeal to a wide variety of tastes."  We couldn't wait to try all of the yummy snacks. Some of the gourmet snacks that were included in the gift basket were chocolate covered cherries, dark chocolate … [Read more...]