Don’t Mess With Momma Bear!

      This past weekend, I have seen a side of Mom Cliques that even I wasn't prepared to accept.  Never, in a million years did I expect that their catty and petty ways would ever be directed at any of my children.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.     As you all know, this past week I was very sick with the flu and pneumonia.  Saturday morning was the first day that I ventured out to my 9 year old son's basketball tournament championship.  It turned out to be a wonderful morning since they took first place and we got to witness a beautiful awards ceremony.     That same afternoon, my son's were invited to the birthday party of another one of the boys on the basketball team.  Since I was still recuperating from being sick, my Father in Law offered to take the boys to the party.  I was very grateful to him and was happy that the boys would have that quality time to spend with their grandfather.     Later on that evening, I was notified by another parent that an incident had taken … [Read more...]

Too Much Information…

         Am I the only one who is at a loss when other people share too much of their personal business that you didn't want to know?  That is precisely what happened to me last year with someone whom I used to work with.  A co-worker of mine, whom I am not particularly close to or even friends with, proceeded to tell me all about the problems that she was having with her significant other.     I am not a big fan of spreading all of your personal life all over the place.   Additionally, I am very selective about the people that I share any information with that has to do with my personal business.   As far as my relationship is concerned, that is definitely something that I only discuss with a select group of friends that I have known for years and that I actually trust.  That said, there are still aspects of my relationship that I do not even discuss with my closest confidantes.  It's not that I do not trust them but, there are certain things that should just be kept between you … [Read more...]

The Snoopy Neighbor

         I have really nosy neighbors.  Those of you who have been loyal followers of this blog from the beginning know that I have blogged about many of the issues that I have had with them.  Although they are all generally busybodies, there is one specific neighbor who is really barking up the wrong tree.  Last year, he did something that really upset me and inconvenienced me and, since then, he has done everything within his power to do a tap dance on my last nerve.  The icing on the cake has been that I just recently found out that he has been talking about my husband and I to some of the other neighbors.  It is taking all of my patience to keep me from going over to his house and stepping on his garden.  Sure, I know that is immature but, once you hear what I have had to put up with from him, you might be more inclined to agree with me...     This whole thing started last year during the summertime.  I order medication through the mail that I have to take on a daily … [Read more...]