The Perfect Snack For Busy Families On-The-Go! @GoGoldenGirl #Giveaway #Ad

    I wish you could spend one week with our family so you could see how much time we spend running around and maybe lend a helping hand.  I'm just kidding, maybe...Seriously, though, it can get pretty hectic around here.  I think the neighbors have probably heard me yelling in the morning, "We have to go, or else I'm going to be late for work."  As a result of all this craziness, it can sometimes be difficult planning healthy snacks and meals that our boys can enjoy while we are on the road or on-the-go.  That is why I love how wholesome and versatile Golden Girl Granola is!     Golden Girl Granola comes in seven head-over-heels delicious flavors that include: Bluesberry, Chocolate Decadence, Creative Cranberry, Forest Maple, Home Sweet Honey, Original and Truly Tropical.  It is an all-natural, whole-grain granola that is non-GMO, dairy free, cholesterol free, casein free, trans-fat free, wheat free and has no preservatives, artificial color or flavors.  Say what?  Yes, it is a … [Read more...]