GKhair Curls DefineHer Review and Giveaway

  Over the years, having medium wavy to curly hair has been a blessing and a curse all at once.  I've always loved the fact that I have thick hair with a lot of body but, unfortunately, wavy hair does not respond that well to weather changes or humidity.  It can sometimes be hard to keep the frizzies away and to have gloss and definition to the waves in my hair. The Spring and Summer months have been known to be especially difficult on my hair texture and I normally pull it back into a ponytail or a bun just to not have to deal with it.  Obviously, this is not ideal as I would love to show off my long brown hair and not have to worry about it looking frizzy or like straw.  As a result, I am always looking for new products that will nourish and hydrate my hair while at the same time accentuate its body and waves. GK Curls DefineHer seemed like a perfect product to tame my wild mane and I was very excited to have the opportunity to try it out and see if it was up to the … [Read more...]

GKhair Hair Taming System with Juvexin Review and Giveaway

    Anyone who knows me knows that taking care of my hair is very important to me.  I have been blessed with a thick head of long and wavy hair and, although most days I love it, it is not always easy to care for due to the sheer volume of it and the fact that it is not totally straight.  Environmental factors such as the weather and humidity can wreak havoc on its texture and I am always trying out new products to make caring for it much easier.     I was very pleased to be offered the opportunity to review GKhair Leave-In Conditioning Spray and Serum.  Based on their descriptions, I was immediately confident that both of these products would be the perfect match for my specific hair needs and I can tell you that I have not been let down by either one of them.  It is without hesitation that I tell you that I will be purchasing these personally long after this review is over. Let me begin with the Leave-In Conditioning Spray.  It is supposed to smooth your hair, eliminate frizz, … [Read more...]