Create Childhood Memories Of Your Kids With “Give ‘Em Ragu” App!

    As parents we relish in any opportunity to document and share photos and images of our children.  These precious memories make up the fabric of your family and will be cherished and enjoyed for generations to come.  There is just something magical about childhood and we want our children to enjoy every single moment of being kids.     Ragu understands that every parent loves taking pictures and making videos of their kid's long days of childhood.  Keeping this beloved family tradition in mind, they have created an app called "Give 'Em Ragu" to help parents make their own videos. Using photos of their children that they can upload from their smartphones and other social media platforms, parents can produce videos and even add music to these videos to create their own montage!     The "Give 'Em Ragu" app can be downloaded for free at the iTunes app store.  Once the app is downloaded, you are prompted to upload photos from a variety of options including your smartphone and your … [Read more...]