Gabriel Cosmetics- “Clean Kids Naturally” Hair and Body Products Review and Giveaway

    Having two active boys, I can tell you that they make their share of messes and they get filthy faster than the blink of an eye.  We have always stressed the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene to both of our sons.  This includes bathing daily and maintaining proper hair care.  Unfortunately, both of our sons have very sensitive skin and we have to pay special attention to the bath and hair products that we purchase and allow them to use.  We have learned the hard way that certain products are too heavily perfumed or harsh and do not mix well with our sons' delicate skin needs.     That is why I jumped at the chance to review Clean Kids Naturally Hair and Body products by Gabriel Cosmetics.  All of the Clean Kids products boast that they are: * Organic * Contain no Sulfates * Do not contain Parabens * Gluten/Wheat Free * Do not contain Phthalates * No Fluoride/Glycol * No Lanolin * No Petrolatum * No Mineral Oils * No Artificial Colors * Cruelty Free     … [Read more...]