Making Healthier Food Choices

This year, I am making a conscious effort to introduce healthier food choices to my family.  Being a working mom, it is often difficult to juggle meal planning and meal preparation along with my professional responsibilities.  My sons are actively involved in sports and I feel that their eating habits should mirror the good habits that we are trying to instill in them with regards to physical fitness and nutrition. Breakfast has become one of the meals that we focus on because studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast helps you to have more energy throughout the day and be more productive.  Our meal choices center around whole grain cereals and fruits and definitely have to be easy to prepare as mornings are generally hectic in our home with two children in school and two working parents. Lately, I have enjoyed the variety that McDonald's has added to their menu with healthier food choices while maintaining the convenience and affordability that they have always had.  … [Read more...]