We Are Thankful For Friends And Family This Holiday Season! #StreamTeam @Netflix #Ad

    There is no better time of the year for teaching my boys about the importance of being thankful for friends and family who bring so much love and support into our lives on a daily basis.  Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving with our family and then had a great time together for my father's birthday the following day.  It is during these times that I know our boys are making precious memories that will last them a lifetime.     Whether you're planning a family feast or sticking to your traditional holiday routine, it's important to show your kids that friends are worth being thankful for during these special times of the year.  Thanks to Netflix, I can introduce our sons to a few of the greatest duos, including Rory and Lorelai, Charlotte and Wilbur and Bob and Larry, whose all-new Netflix original, "VeggieTales in the House," started streaming Nov. 26. Here are some dynamic duos available on Netflix for your big kids: 1. Phineas and Ferb 2. Shaggy and Scooby: Scooby-Doo! … [Read more...]

We Attended A Blogging Conference In Chicago!

   As many of you know, my family and I attended a large blogging conference last week in Chicago.  This is the second time that I attend a conference and I wanted to have my family with me because I just couldn't bear to be away from them for even one minute.  Before the trip, I set personal and professional goals for myself that would keep me focused throughout my stay.     My husband and I drove for almost 14 hours to get there and I cannot even begin to describe the excitement that I felt when we finally arrived in the city of Chicago.  I felt right at home since I live in a big city myself and I found that there were a lot of parallels between New York City and Chicago right away.     I was very fortunate to have had my ticket to the conference sponsored in part by Noodle.org.  Our collaboration was a match made in heaven because of my experience being a NYC public school teacher for the past 13 years and the fact that they are the first education search engine. … [Read more...]

Mind Yours!

         I have been making a conscious effort lately to mind my own business. Normally, this is not such an easy thing for me to do because I like to help everyone and sometimes that includes me getting involved in matters that really don't concern me at all. You guys know how it is, a family member or friend calls you to tell you what is going on with another family member or friend. Before you know it, you get completely sucked into the problem and end up getting blamed for something at some point.     This always happens to me, I always get pulled into things without really wanting to be involved in the first place.  I'm not sure what it is about me that causes people to tell me all of their personal business.  There must be something in my face or character that beckons others to divulge all of the personal details of their lives.  Normally, I don't mind listening unless I feel that the other person has ulterior motives for confiding in me.  However, it is getting … [Read more...]

Tell Me How You Really Feel…

        What do you think your friends say to each other when you are not around?  I'm sure most of us would like to think that our friends have nothing but wonderful things to say about us when we are not within earshot.  Unfortunately, people are only human and it is quite possible that they feel more comfortable saying some of the things that they feel about us to others instead of to our faces.  Don't put that face on, you know that the truth sometimes hurts.  Also, there are just certain things that you keep to yourself, even in the closest of friendships, for fear of hurting the other person's feelings.  No matter how open minded you are, nobody likes to be criticized especially by those we care about the most.     As I pondered over my original question I thought about what my friends would say about me to each other if I wasn't around.  The first thing that crossed my mind is that these would have to be negative things because there is no difficulty in telling someone … [Read more...]

Just Friends

        My husband and I always have really good conversations.  Through the years, there has been one topic that we repeatedly disagree upon.  The subject was brought up again by me last night as we were discussing some relationship problems that a close relative of mine is currently having.  I mentioned that I still don't think that men and women can be friends at this age.  My husband has always disagreed with me on this because he has always had many female friends throughout his life.      My point of view on this topic is that women in their thirties are not looking to be friends with men.  If they are still single at this age, most women are either looking for someone to have a child with, get married to, or a man to be a father to children that they already have.  I don't really know any single women who are my age that enjoy being single and plan on being single indefinitely.  Maybe I'm wrong and there are some women my age who enjoy being single but I still don't … [Read more...]