Breathe Life Into Your PC With FreshStart! #FreshStartMyPC #Ad

    I can't begin to describe to you how frustrating it is when your PC doesn't perform well and you are an educator and a blogger.  It simply is not acceptable because I rely on my computer to help me plan my lessons for my students and to keep my blog up to date with fresh content.  Unfortunately, PC repair can be extremely expensive so it's just not possible to pay someone every single time I have an issue with my computer.     There are just too many precious items on your hard drive that you cannot afford to lose including important documents, files and precious photographs that you would be devastated to lose.  The good news is that, when these computer issues come up, you don't have to run out and buy a new one because there is help and it is really affordable.  It's super easy and fast to just contact a FreshStart certified tech, with just one click, that will be onsite to install your drive in under 30 minutes.  No service center … [Read more...]