Take Charge Of Your Education! @NoodleEducation

    As a lifelong learner, I am constantly looking for new ways to further my education and sharpen my skills as a student and an educator.  Currently I possess a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Elementary Education and a Master's of Science in Education degree in Literacy Studies grades 5-12.  Recently, I have been contemplating going back to school to get a second Master's degree.     Since I have accomplished all of my academic goals thus far, I'm undecided about what I want this second Graduate degree to focus upon.  I'm glad to have Noodle.org available to me to help me take the guesswork out of these important academic decisions.  It is the only education search engine of its kind that focuses on grades K to 12, tutoring, learning materials, study abroad, college search, grad search and beyond.       Not only is this a valuable resource for professionals like me who are trying to further their educations but, it is also very helpful to parents who are trying to make … [Read more...]