Is Your Family Protected Against The Flu This Year? #NoTimeForFlu @MinuteClinic #Ad

    The past couple of weeks have been extremely stressful in our household.  Our younger son has sever asthma and it is usually aggravated by the change of seasons or any weather changes.  I had to run with him to the emergency room two weeks ago when he had an acute asthma attack and then again last week when he tested positive for strep throat.  Those of you with kids know this all comes with the territory when kids go back to school in the fall and are exposed to all those germs from other kids.     I've been waiting for him to get better so I could take our whole family to get our yearly flu shots because I'm concerned about all of us being protected during flu season.  We've had the flu in this house years ago and, believe me, it was horrible and we were all very ill for a long time.  Since we are all asthmatics, I worry even more about any of us getting sick and having our breathing problems triggered.     A flu … [Read more...]

How Can I protect My Family Against The Flu? #FluPlus @MinuteClinic @CVS_Extra #Ad

    We've been hearing a lot of things in the news lately about our health and how to protect ourselves from contracting various diseases and viruses that are currently threatening the population.  What many people don't realize is that the flu kills thousands of people every single year.  It is definitely a serious health threat, especially for seniors, young children, pregnant women and those with certain health conditions like asthma or diabetes.     For the past few years, my sons and I have always gotten a flu shot because we are all asthmatic.  In my case, it is very important that I get the shot because I am also a leukemia Survivor.  As someone who has a compromised immune system, I am vulnerable to getting sick from the flu.  The only member of our family who has been resistant to getting the flu shot has been my husband.     My husband's excuse for not getting the flu shot previously was that he never gets sick and didn't need it.  All of this changed when he got sick as … [Read more...]

Protect Your Family This Flu Season! @MinuteClinic @CVS_Extra #Sponsored

*This post was written by me on behalf TBC for Minute Clinic.  I received complimentary product samples to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.     As many of you already know, I am a six-year Leukemia Survivor.  As a result, my immune system is not as strong as that of a healthy person so I have to be very careful about getting sick, especially during cold and flu season.  Additionally, both of my boys and I are also asthmatics which makes us perfect candidates to receive the flu shot every year in order to protect ourselves.     This year, our doctor advised my husband that he, too should get the flu shot to make sure he does not bring the flu into the house and put the rest of us at risk.  We were very excited to find out that we can conveniently get a flu shot at the Minute Clinic at our local CVS pharmacy.  As a matter of fact, it couldn't be easier to protect your family this flu season.  All you have to do is head into your nearest Minute Clinic location … [Read more...]