Add A Little Fun Back Into Your Schedule! #FisherNutExactly @fishernutsbrand #Giveaway #Ad

    We have officially survived the first week of school here in New York City.  My family and I are fully involved in a hectic schedule full of activities, organized sports and professional obligations.       As a result, my husband and I have to get a little creative when it comes to spending some fun, quality time with our boys.  After all, they are only going to be kids for a short while and it is important that we take full advantage of every moment that we have to spend with them.     One of the ways that we are able to relish these moments is by sitting down with them every afternoon and discussing how their day went at school over a variety of delicious treats or snacks.  You wouldn't believe how hungry kids are when they get home from learning in school all day.  Sometimes I even ask them if they ate lunch because they are just so famished!     Recently, I have found the perfect snack for taming their … [Read more...]