Smile With Me Saturday Blog Hop

  First off, smile with me :) You made it through another week and deserve a big smile. You've got the whole weekend ahead of you so make it a good one! This week it's Maria from Tough Cookie Mommy!! I asked Maria a few questions about herself and her blog so you could get to know a little bit about her. 1) When did you first start blogging? Why? I started blogging in 2009 because I have always loved to write but had not found a lot of time to do so with work and raising kids. 2) What's your favorite part about blog hopping? I love to find new blogs to read and to connect with other writers. 3) What's your favorite hobby As I said, I love to write and it is definitely my favorite thing to do. 4) Who's your role model? My role model is my Grandmother because she has overcome much adversity in her life but raised beautiful and strong children, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren. Now that you know a bit about the Smiley Hopper of the week... get … [Read more...]