Fall Safflower Seed Luminary #DIY

    As Fall looms around the corner, and we can already see signs of leaves beginning to change all around us, we welcome the comforting foods and activities that we enjoy during this season.  Many people enjoy the Fall immensely because it brings cooler weather and the trees and foliage are absolutely breathtaking during this time of the year.     This year, I am excited about completing some Do It Yourself projects that will bring our entire home into the spirit of the season.  Little by little I hope to transform our home and get it ready for the holidays.  This week, I would like to show you how make a Fall Safflower Seed Luminary.  Stay tuned, as I will be posting other tutorials for how to make a variety of luminaries this season. Fall Safflower Seed Luminary Supplies needed:
 Clear mason jar
 Safflower seeds or birdseed/sunflower seeds
 Green/orange yarn or ribbon
 Fall embellishments like acorns, … [Read more...]