Find Relief From Seasonal Allergies @MinuteClinic @CVS_Extra #Ad

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by MinuteClinic.      If your family is like ours, you experience seasonal allergies the moment that summer turns into fall.  As a matter of fact, we don't even need the calendar to let us know that the seasons are changing because we have our sniffly noses and watery eyes to let us know this time has come.  The symptoms from seasonal allergies are very uncomfortable and many people struggle to find relief as soon as possible.       There are more allergy triggers in the fall. Typically, weed pollens, like ragweed and mold allergies are those that flare up come fall.  Dust mites are a common allergen in the fall. When you start to close up your house when the weather gets cooler, old blankets and quilts could be hosting dust mites that can be an irritant.  Itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, headache, sinus pressure are general allergy symptoms and we experience all of them in this home.   … [Read more...]