Set The Tone For The 2016 School Year With Visionworks! #VisionWorks #Ad

    Starting the school year off on the right foot is always a very important part of the month of September for our family.  That includes making sure that the kids have all of the school supplies that they need as well as ensuring physicals are up to date along with new eyeglasses.  This is no easy feat since every single member of our family of four wears glasses and designer eyeglass frames can get pretty expensive.     Our boys both have their own fashion sense and color preferences so they put a lot of thought and time into choosing just the right frames that will express their individual styles.  Visionworks has the largest selection of kids' frames for Back to School with the bold and bright colors that have become all the rage this back to school season.   Here are some of the current trends that they have for kids: Fiery reds: A hue not for the shy, frames with pops of red are perfect for your fiery spirited child, who … [Read more...]

Let Your Eyeglasses Show Your Fun And Fashionable Side! @Firmoo #Ad

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of I received a promotional item to facilitate this post and as a thank you item for participating. All opinions are my own.       I have been wearing contact lenses throughout the day for the past ten years.  Normally, I take my contacts off as soon as I get home and put on my glasses to give my eyes a break.  This summer, I have noticed that my eyes have been getting increasingly dry and tired from wearing contacts so I decided to start wearing my glasses more often.  However, since I consider myself to be pretty stylish, I wanted to wear glasses that really represented my fun and fashionable side.     Two years ago, I realized that I could order eyeglasses online and spend a fraction of the price that I normally would spend at our local optical.  Not only am I able to save a lot of money, but I am also able to choose from virtually thousands of designer and modern frames.  Since every member of my family wears … [Read more...]

Four Eyes Are Definitely Better Than Two! @Firmoo #Ad

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of I received a promotional item to facilitate this post and as a thank you item for participating.  All opinions are my own.       I've been wearing glasses since I was in the sixth grade.  It was pretty much something that was inevitable because everyone in my family is near-sighted and this is something that is considered hereditary.  Some of the eyeglass frames that I have owned over the years were less than flattering which, during those awkward teenage years, did not help at all.     Now that I am an adult I try to choose frames that are a lot more attractive but, unfortunately, eyeglasses are very expensive so I sometimes have to settle for cheaper frames.  Since both of our sons wear glasses along with my husband and I, our yearly eyeglasses budget has skyrocketed and I have been looking for a way to save a little money.  Luckily, there is an affordable and stylish option which is ordering your glasses online at … [Read more...]

Find Your Perfect Pair of Glasses at!

      Almost everyone in my family wears glasses or contact lenses.  If any of your family members wear glasses, you are aware of the rising prices for glasses frames and lenses as well as how expensive using contact lenses has gotten.  You will probably be shocked to hear that a full pair of eyeglasses for my five year old son cost upwards of $500 at a local optical.  Since paying this much, I have been on a quest to find affordable prices on eyeglasses and contact lenses for my family. offers the best price guaranteed on all prescription glasses.  They guarantee that you will find the best price on a pair of high quality glasses on their website.  They refuse to sell cheap frames or lenses because they want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase from the day you receive it to a year from now.  If you find a better price on any frame or lens offered on their site, they will beat that price by 10%. Many of you are probably worried about buying … [Read more...]