Prepare For El Niño In Style! @ShedRain1947 #Giveaway #Ad

    The whole country is getting ready for what may well be a long RAINY winter - courtesy of El Nino. With temperatures expected to range a bit above normal, much of the usual snowfall may be coming down in liquid form. Not to worry - ShedRain has you covered!     My ten year-old son loves taking an umbrella with him when it is raining outside but he always manages to damage his umbrella or leave it somewhere and lose it.  ShedRain has new critter umbrellas that prevent pinched fingers when opening and closing, making them easier and safer to use for kids.  Critter umbrellas also feature plastic tips and a plastic top cap that eliminates sharp edges.     I was excited when I found out that I could have an umbrella that protects me from the elements while, at the same time, makes me fashionable and stylish.  Their Vented Fashion Compact umbrellas combine ShedRain technology with really snazzy fashion patterns.  The best part is that … [Read more...]