Host A Summer Olympics Watch Party With Hormel©! #HormelFamily

    Many of us would love to catch a plane to London this summer to attend the Summer Olympics.  Unfortunately, the reality is that the majority of us will probably end up watching all the excitement of the Olympics from our living rooms.  Watching the competition of this historical event is already exciting as it is but it can become even more memorable if you incorporate your own games and yummy snacks into a viewing party.     Decorating for your party is a no brainer because you want to demonstrate your patriotism by adopting a red, white, and blue theme.  You can even make it a multicultural event by including flags that represent the countries of your guests as part of the decor.  This is a great way of getting into the true spirit of the Olympics which is one of international brotherhood.     Take advantage of the commercial breaks to engage your guests in a series of Olympic Games of your own!  You can take these games outdoors to take full advantage of the gorgeous summer … [Read more...]