Show Your Appreciation For Those Who Protect Our Freedom! #DECares @DirectEnergy #Ad

    We have always been very proud of the military personnel in our family and throughout the country.  Both my brother and husband served in the Army previously and my Sister in Law is currently serving in the Navy and has completed tours in Afghanistan.  Their sacrifices have helped to ensure not only my own family's freedom but every other citizen's as well.  It is a source of pride to know that they have served our country in this way.     When my Sister in Law was in Afghanistan for a year, I wanted to know how we could support her while she was away from home.  She would often call us and tell us how lonely and homesick she was so far away from home.  During this time, I picked up a few tips for how we could let her know that we were thinking about her and show her our appreciation for her service. Servicemen and servicewomen benefit greatly from feeling connected to their family and loved ones when they are deployed.  The long-term benefits for veterans are … [Read more...]