Mind Yours!

         I have been making a conscious effort lately to mind my own business. Normally, this is not such an easy thing for me to do because I like to help everyone and sometimes that includes me getting involved in matters that really don't concern me at all. You guys know how it is, a family member or friend calls you to tell you what is going on with another family member or friend. Before you know it, you get completely sucked into the problem and end up getting blamed for something at some point.     This always happens to me, I always get pulled into things without really wanting to be involved in the first place.  I'm not sure what it is about me that causes people to tell me all of their personal business.  There must be something in my face or character that beckons others to divulge all of the personal details of their lives.  Normally, I don't mind listening unless I feel that the other person has ulterior motives for confiding in me.  However, it is getting … [Read more...]