Couponing 101

        Last week, I wrote a blog post about my desire to learn the ins and outs of couponing in order to reduce my monthly grocery bill.  You can read all about my couponing concerns here, The Secrets of the Coupon Sisterhood. As promised, I have compiled a list of couponing do's and don'ts from some of my readers who are experts in the fine art of frugal grocery shopping.  I am very excited to share their advice with you and I hope that it helps to reduce your expensive grocery bills, especially in these trying economic times...  Please note that you can find their blogs and learn more couponing tips from them by clicking on their names and visiting them.  So, without further ado, I give you: COUPONING 101 1.  Maree says:     One way I know we save in the grocery area is when I plan our week’s meals BEFORE I go grocery shopping. When I know my week’s meal plan I seem to be so much more organized with the things I purchase and don’t overstock or buy “extras”. It also means I … [Read more...]