Reading As A Punishment?

    This past week, I had to get in contact with my son's teacher for the first time this year.  It all started when my son came home and told me that he had to write a book report as punishment for not behaving while on line in school.  I immediately asked him what he was doing on line and he explained to me that he put his hands on the shoulders of the student in front of him to make like a train.  The first thing that I did was to proceed to explain to him the importance of following the teacher's directions and not fooling around either on line or in the classroom.     As the conversation with him went on, however, I started to become concerned at the way that his teacher handled the whole thing and some red flags went up in my mind regarding whether I agreed with the consequences that she had doled out.  It seems that she immediately sent him to the teacher's lounge to sit with the teacher's assistant and, when she was ready, handed him a book and told him, "Let's see how you do … [Read more...]