Liz Claiborne Made Me Gorgeous For My Date With Hubby! #ClaiborneClasico

      By now, I know most of you are waiting on pins and needles to find out which one of my beautiful outfits from Liz Claiborne was voted the favorite for my special date with my husband.  I won't keep you guys guessing anymore, 72% of you voted for outfit number 2!     As I got ready for our date, I wondered if my husband was going to have a positive reaction to my outfit.  After all, you know how uninterested men can sometimes be when it comes to women's fashion.  I decided to layer my look by wearing a black dressy tank top under my gorgeous Liz Claiborne sweater.  The contrast between the silver threads in the gray sweater and the black top under it was beautiful.     When I walked out into my living room, my husband called out, "Wow, you look beautiful!"  I'm sure you guys would agree that this was the perfect validation to let me know that my readers had chosen the right outfit.  Even my sons loved it which made me feel like the whole evening was really going to be a … [Read more...]

Who Are You Calling Old?

        I'm getting old and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I have never been one of those women that is overly concerned with getting old and have always considered aging to be a blessing.  It is proof that you have been around for a long time to witness all of the beautiful things that life has to offer.  Having said that, I am now realizing that one cannot necessarily predict how he or she will react to realizing that they are aging and that their body is changing.  This is probably because aging is somewhat of an abstract concept until you begin to see the physical effects of it on the body that you still see through young eyes.     Lately, this whole concept has been becoming a little less abstract and a little more concrete for me.  Some of the changes that my body is going through are not so subtle anymore.  The first sign that things were awry was the fact that the skin on my face has been undergoing some bizarre changes with regard to texture.  I have had oily … [Read more...]

Bare It All…

        Today I read an article that really caused me to reflect on my own individual parenting practices when it comes to teaching my children about positive self image and about the beauty of the human body. The article was written by a mother who was sharing her experiences and beliefs with regards to exposing children to nudity. Now, before you start rebuking this post and summoning the Holy Spirit, please note that the purpose of this post is to reflect upon and address this issue from a purely parental point of view so any notions that you might have about propriety or lack thereof can be checked at the door with your coat.     Let me begin by saying that I have always felt that it was important to teach children early on that nudity is nothing to be ashamed of and that they should love their bodies.  Although I have never gone out of my way to parade in front of my kids naked, it is inevitable that they sometimes walk in on me when I am coming out of the shower, when I … [Read more...]