Parental Compromising

        This evening, Hubby and I disagreed upon a parenting moment.  We established the rule, a long time ago, that our boys would not be allowed to play video games on school nights.  Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Sunday considered a school night since kids have to go to school on Monday morning?  This is what I have always thought but my husband deviated from the game plan tonight.  You see, he played video games all afternoon in order to unwind before going to work this evening so he took up all of the kids' time to play during the day.     I'm not sure if he felt guilty about the fact that the kids did not get to play or if he was just being stubborn but, all of a sudden I see him setting up the boys to play the Playstation 3 at 7:00 p.m.  Immediately, I put my foot down and stated that they boys were not allowed to play because they have school tomorrow and that the rule stands that there are no video games on school nights.  My husband and I immediately began … [Read more...]

10 Tips To Help You Live Peacefully With A Man Who Loves Sports…A LOT!

          Today's Guest Blogger is Janis B. Meredith, author of the blog JBM Thinks. Janis was brought up in a sports family, married a man who has coached for 27 years, and has had three kids play sports from age 5 to college. She sees issues a bit differently, with a perspective of life from both sides of the bench--as a coach's wife and as an athlete's parent.     Once upon a time, a handsome young man named Rich met a beautiful young lady named Kathy in college. Their first date was to a baseball game.  Kathy soon learned that her date was an enthusiastic sports nut. She, however, was not. After being raised in a home where her dad watched a lot of sports, she went the opposite direction and grew apathetic, almost cold to sports.  But, she followed her heart and married Rich just over 2 years later.   "He will change", she assured herself...     More than 40 years later, Rich and Kathy are still happily married.  And no, his love for sports has not changed; he still … [Read more...]