Express Yourself While Getting Everyday Relief! @VIMVIGR #Partner

    When I was pregnant with both of my sons, I experienced significant swelling in my ankles and my feet.  Since I continued teaching throughout my pregnancies, and stand on my feet all day, I would find myself extremely uncomfortable by the time I got home.     Most of the compression socks that I found at the time were not very fashionable and not particularly comfortable.  Thankfully, pregnant women and everyday people today don't have to worry about that because VIM & VIGR brings the benefits of compression socks to more people who need everyday relief.     In my case as a teacher, being on my feet daily puts greater strain on my circulatory system and on my legs and feet, which can cause fatigue and varicose veins.  People in professions where they have to be on their feet all the time, such as healthcare providers, teachers, hair stylists, flight attendants and servers, are at an increased risk of suffering these conditions.     Additionally, pregnancy increases blood … [Read more...]