Just Drive!

      Lately, driving home from work has been a nightmare. It seems like I cannot get home fast enough to my husband and my boys and all that stands in my way are a bunch of people who simply do not know how to drive. Now, I'm sure you have all heard about the traffic in New York City and how it is basically "dog eat dog." That doesn't even begin to describe drivers in the Big Apple or all of the moronic things that I have been seeing people doing while they were driving lately.  I invite you to see New York City traffic through my eyes...     Let's begin with the lady who obviously didn't have enough time to put on her makeup at home one morning. At first, I wasn't sure why she kept stopping short in front of me but I immediately realized the reason when I drove up next to her. She was applying a full face of makeup, including eye liner and mascara, in her rear-view mirror. The reason why she kept stopping was that she was attempting to control the steering wheel between her … [Read more...]