“Mom Cliques”

        Lately I have been noticing more and more Mom Cliques when I attend functions as my sons' school or their sporting events. I have always been aware of them over the years since I had my boys but they seem to be multiplying and I never feel like I fit into any of them or that I even want to fit into them.      Being a Working Mom, I have had limited opportunities to observe these cliques in action.  Obviously, there is nothing wrong with being either a working mother or a stay at home mother. Both of these roles come with responsibilities that are unique to both and are equally stressful to both. This will not be one of those posts that pits mothers against each other for making very personal decisions about whether to work at home or away from the home. As women we all know that being mothers and wives is hard enough period and we don't need to compete with one another about who has it harder...     The reason why I bring up that being a Working Mom separates me … [Read more...]