Celebrate With @ChefMerito This Hispanic Heritage Month! #ChefMerito #Giveaway #Ad

    Cooking is the way to many people's hearts and this is especially true in Hispanic culture.  Huddling up around the kitchen for family holidays is a common sight in Latino families.  In our family, we like to all contribute a dish when we get together.  I've always loved this because it has allowed me to focus on spending time with my loved ones instead of slaving in the kitchen the whole time.  Plus, since everyone in our family has a signature dish that they are really good at preparing, we all have the opportunity to sample a little bit of everything.     As we approach Hispanic Heritage Month, it's important to celebrate the Hispanic foods and products that are staples in our homes and that have accompanied these family traditions for years.  Chef Merito is a family-owned business that feature a full line of special seasonings, spices and herbs. The products combine only the freshest and highest quality spices and are dedicated to enhance authentic Latin American, Mexican, and … [Read more...]