12th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest #TPDress @Charmin #ad

    These days, most brides are getting very creative about designing their wedding dresses.  Gone are the days of only being traditional and they have been replaced by a desire to be bold and to be unique.  Nothing screams original louder than wearing a wedding dress made entirely of toilet paper!  Before you laugh at this idea, let me tell you that these dresses are so exquisite that you wouldn't even be able to tell that they were made with TP.       Earlier this month, 10 finalists displayed their work at the contest’s finale event held at Haven Rooftop at The Sanctuary Hotel.  Contestants created dresses out of nothing more than Charmin toilet paper, tape, glue and/or needle and thread, and this year, more than 1,500 entrants were up to the task.  Charmin partnered with Cheap Chic Weddings by providing coupons to help cover the cost of purchasing Charmin toilet paper used in creating each dress. Designers used between … [Read more...]