Meet Lee Mendelson, The Man Behind Charlie Brown Special! #CBXmas @Snoopy #Giveaway #Partner

      As the holidays have drawn to a close, we all have treasured memories that we will carry with us forever of stolen moments with sweethearts and time well-spent with family and friends.  Although next year's holidays seem quite far away, we all know how quickly they always creep up on us so many start planning early.  I have many friends who begin to purchase presents well in advance and hide them throughout the house all year long.     Before the holidays ended, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Lee Mendelson, who is the Executive Producer of the legendary Charlie Brown Christmas Special.  I'm sure most of you consider this televised event to be a staple of your family's holiday season.  I, myself can recall sitting around our family's television set as a kid and watching the special together.  Being a Peanuts Brand Ambassador has allowed me to get a unique glimpse behind the special and to interview many of the people who contributed to its … [Read more...]