General Mills Cereal Treat Bars® Review and Giveaway

    If your family is anything like my family, mornings can be a very hectic time and it can be a real struggle making sure that we all don't just run out of the house to work and school without eating something wholesome for breakfast.  Most weekdays, there just isn't time to cook breakfast in the morning so my husband and I try to buy wholesome breakfast foods that can be eaten on the "go."  General Mills Cereal Treat Bars not only taste great but they are nutritious at the same time.     Cereal Treat bars come in two flavor varieties, Golden Grahams® and Lucky Charms® Treats.  Both flavors come loaded with popular family favorite ingredients such as marshmallows and chocolate.  Each bar contains less than 140 calories and is made with wholesome cereal, making them a breakfast option for your children that you can certainly feel good about. I cannot begin to tell you how excited my boys were about trying these Cereal Treat Bars.  Both of my sons loved the Golden Grahams® bars … [Read more...]