Not Welcome

         This May, my older son will be making his First Communion.  It is a very important rite of passage and we plan on hosting a celebration to honor him on his special day.  As with any special event, there are a lot of preparations that have to take place in order to guarantee that the day will go off without a hitch.  Unfortunately, that includes devising a guestlist of people that we would like to have with us as we celebrate this momentous occasion.  Normally, it would be very easy for me to come up with the names of the people that I would want to attend, however, I am finding that there are quite a few people that I just want to exclude and not even be bothered with.     Let's begin with some of my extended family members...It seems that lately there have been quite a few of them who have been "lost in the sauce" so to speak.  Believe me when I tell you that I most certainly am not that family member who needs a weekly phone call and needs attention all the time.  … [Read more...]